Truth is, when left to my own devices, I tend to go off-the-charts feral.

My sleep schedule becomes erratic (or non-existent), my screen time skyrockets, my meals become… well… odd (read: leftover Pad Thai and stale Lorna Doone cookies for breakfast).

Long story short, I am the oldest of 6 kids, and growing up there was always always something to be done for someone else. If a meal was being made, it was for at least 4+ people. If laundry was being done, chances are it wasn’t just for one person’s clothes. …

If self-care was the buzzword for 2019, then boundaries is the official word of 2020.

With life, work and play all under one roof now, we’ve all had to take a crash-course in understanding what we need, what’s okay and what really just doesn’t work for us.

Here are the top things I’ve learned I needed to set boundaries around this year:

Setting a Work Space

One of the biggest boundaries I’ve learned to set is my work space. …

If I hear (or better yet, say) “man, this is weird” one more time, I’ll spontaneously combust.

To say that this is a bizarre time in all our lives feels like the understatement of the century.

And then, to make things even weirder, the emails started rolling in. The “It’s Not You, It’s Me” emails, announcing that hours are cut and contracts are paused *indefinitely*. Cool cool cool.

Dear Diary: So today everything sucks and everyone hates me. And, I also hate everyone? Not sure what that’s about. I’m probably just hangry…

While this isn’t a situation unique to me…

Some people just have bad days. Here’s what to do if you’re one of us:

Everybody Has Bad Days, Sometimes

Some days, it doesn’t take much; spilling something on your freshly-washed jeans, or the coffee shop not having the breakfast sandwich you’ve come to rely on as you rush to work.

It’s on these most frustrating of days that everything seems to come down on you all at once. Like the universe is sticking its Milky-Way-studded middle finger out at you.

Ever since I was much younger, I’ve had the occasional spurts where I don’t feel at all like myself- and consequently wanted to slowly…

When did “being busy” become so dang cool?

“If You Want To Be Successful, Don’t Confuse Being Busy With Getting The Right Things Done” — John Wooden

We all have those friends who are constantly on the go, running here and there, broadcasting how busy their daily life is. Heck- I used to do it, too. A few short years ago, I had two part-time jobs and an absurdly demanding full-time job.

The busier my work life was, and the less time I had to relax, the cooler and more successful I felt.

But, even though I was logging 70+ hours of work each week, I wasn’t making that much money- and I was definitely not a healthier or…

Veronica Bucher

Sometimes writing + sometimes reading + always drinking coffee

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